Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"Thinking" Quilt

Do you remember this embroidery that I finished a while back?

Completed Thinking Embroidery
"Thinking" embroidery pattern from Aimee Ray's etsy shop, little dear

A few weeks ago, I finally pieced together some squares of Amy Butler fabric to edge the embroidery panel and turned the whole thing into a little wall quilt.

"Thinking" wall quilt

I love how it looks in our living room!

"Thinking" wall quilt

The decorating of this house has been very slow, but I love mindfully choosing projects, working on them by hand, and coming up with perfect pieces to fit into our home, creating Our Family's Style.

What's your favorite piece of home decor in your house?  Was it handmade by you, by someone else, or did you buy it?  What makes it special to you?


Rebecca said...

Love the embroidery!  I like little quilts like that.  Our home is mostly decorated with my quilts, which have been getting smaller and smaller with each year!

Lindsey Kent said...

I love the embroidery :)
For us, our favorite home decor - our model Lego sets. We splurge, usually once a year on the building models that Lego has come out with in the last few years. As a family we put them together. (I will say when we started this about 3 years ago, it was a test of patience for us adults - with our helpers being 2,4 & 6) I hope that we will continue adding to our collection for years to come.

*grin* But we are odd, how many families do you know have 'decoration' Legos and 'play' Legos?!?

Nancy said...

I just love that embroidery...I may get one for myself!  Great job on your quilt.

Livnletlrn said...

I adore that piece of embroidery that you did and love the way its vibrancy adds some punch to the setting.

I left almost everything behind when I moved out a few months ago and didn't bring anything handmade with me except the few things that were in progress, but I have two favorite pieces of decor here. One is this banner:
and the other is this print:

I love them both to an unreasonable extent. 

Carolyn said...

That embroidery is so gorgeous!  So happy it's hanging on your wall now!


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