Friday, December 19, 2008

The new guy

Yesterday, straight on my due date, and three days after Greg got home, we got to meet this cool little dude:

He arrived at 9:55 on the morning of Dec. 18th. 9 lbs, 6 oz (4200 grams for the metric among us), 2 hours active labor, boy, bloggable name as yet undecided.

Thank God I don’t have to dread labor anymore! (Oh, and BTW, this was one occasion that a spicy curry actually DID work. I’d forgotten that I haven’t been cooking spicy since I’ve been only cooking for my kids in the recent past. What a surprise!)

An interesting fact that we learned the other day: My midwife was casually mentioning Daisy's's birth weight to us as "really big -- close to 11 lbs".  We told her that no, definitely she was about 9-1/2.  She went to her notes, and gave us the weight in grams... as it turns out, we did the conversion wrong.  She was 10-1/2 lbs.  Holy crap.  No wonder why she looked so fat!!
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