Wednesday, December 03, 2008


To those of you who stopped by to comment -- words of encouragement, or just to have a hearty chuckle at my little tribe -- thank you.  It's because of all of you that I don't feel so alone at this time in my life.  (Although, that almost sounds strange to say, seeing as how I never actually AM alone...well, you know what I mean.)

So I've decided that yesterday must have just been a very off day for me (by the way, I did end up falling around 3 AM.  Thank God the kids let me have a tiny little morning nap while they snacked and watched videos.)  And I have proof of my off-ness.  A few weeks ago, I ordered a little Cricket loom (Schacht's newest, and in stock at Spunky Eclectic), and have been waiting for it eagerly ever since.  It'll be great to be able to hold it in my lap while weaving, carry it easily from place to place, etc.  I have a feeling that projects warped on it will be completed more quickly than my much more stationary Kromski Harp.  I have also been looking forward to the latest edition of Spunky Club fiber.

When I picked up my mail yesterday, there were about 5 or 6 boxes, mostly Christmas gifts from Stateside relatives, or things my husband had ordered himself, or whatever.  I glanced through them quickly, and brought them all upstairs (3 trips.  This is why I've hardly gained weight this pregnancy.  It's impossible when you climb stairs of this magnitude a total of 6-10 times in a row several times a week.)  I was tired, and just stacked them all in the hall.

This morning, I happened to give the stack another glance so that I could email my husband and let him know which of his mail-orders had come in.  In that moment, this caught my eye:

Loom + wool.  Yes, my friends, I had not even seen it.  Is that possible?  I gathered this from the post office, loaded it in my car, carried it up two flights of stairs and stacked it in a tower...and NEVER READ THE LABEL OR CUSTOMS FORM.

All I can say is...hurray for surprises!!

(Yes, those are the hands of my two little criminals, and Daisy's fingernails are painted, although she's eaten the red from most of her fingers by now.  Please don't tell me how harmful polish might be to a toddler's system.  I'm not in the mood.)

As it turns out, the thing is crazy easy to set up.  I had it looking like this within the first half-hour of opening the box, and that included a group trip to gather tools from the tool-box, and the excitement of being run round in circles while piecing it together.  If I can do it under those circumstances, I feel certain that anyone can.

(On the left you can see the club fiber peeking through it's plastic wrap.  I'll post proper pictures of it eventually, of course.)

I love that the loom is fashioned entirely of good quality wood, with no nasty little plastic bits to cheapen it.  I was also pleased that the two balls of worsted weight yarn that come with it are 100% wool.  And it's so affordable!  And portable!  But let me show you my very favorite part:

The grumpy little cricket.  I'm in love.  Now if only I could stop knitting sweaters long enough to warp the thing...  (half-way through sleeve #2 on CPH...)
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