Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy birthday little girl!

Today, Daisy turned one year old.  I know, we can't really believe it either.

We started our day at the library on post, for reading hour.  Daisy tried to help everyone else out with their craft projects.

Max would not take off his hat, but ended up being kind of friendly in spite of himself.

Sparky interacted very well with all of the other children, because he says that he's "a big guy now -- I wasn't talkin' to people before, 'cause that was when I was a little guy."  (Very seriously, deep voice tones.)

I brought a sock in progress (plain 2x2 rib for my mom for mother's day -- no pics yet), and got a few interesting looks from the other moms.  One mother (who had one little child there) finally asked me what I was doing, and when I told her about it she actually said "oh, I can't do that, I have kids".  It was such a stupid answer that I just let it hang there and then said, "Oh." and that's all.  (If you read back in that sentence you will see that she had one child.  I'm sitting there knitting with THREE children under 5 years of age.  Hello?  What?  Ok, nevermind.)

We also had to get the mail, pick up some stuff at the grocery store and get the mail, so by the time we were halfway home, Daisy looked like this:

She revived once we'd gotten into the house, and we set about opening some gifts that had come in the mail from my in-laws.

The pink spiky ball was a hit with everyone.

Included was also some gifts for my birthday (I turn 28 in exactly a week), and the very best part was this stuff:

We'd stopped at the bakery on the way home, and I let each person pick out their own thing.  We put candles in each (of course!) so that everyone would have something to blow out.

After singing Happy Birthday, Daisy spent a good chunk of time demolishing (but not necessarily eating) her Pudding Plunder (a sweet pastry/bread twist filled with piped swirls of custard).

Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl!  You've completely changed my life, and I love you like crazy.  You're already such a character; it will be very cool to see who you grow up to be.
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