Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some knitted things!

Ok, since it's almost Christmas, I have to say: if you are my family, please just don't read this blog until after the holidays. Thanks.

Moving right along. I've been busy. Really busy. And distracted. However, I have been getting a fair bit of knitting in. Some of it's photographed, some not. I'm not going to bore you with stories of the bad winter light and such, blah blah blah, yes, we all know. I have photographed what I can, and I will post more photographic evidence as light and time allow.

I've just finished this scarf/hat set for my sister Hannah.
Scarf/hat set
The hat is a Zeebee (sorry, the link feature in Blogger isn't working and I don't feel like writing code at the moment, so here's the link spelled out: ""), which I am hopelessly in love with. The pattern, I mean, not the colors. The color mix contains orange which made it almost physically painful for me to knit, but the design -- oh! The design. I love that I can plug numbers into the website and have it spit out a pattern perfect for my gauge and head size. I love the way that it's knit side to side. I love the angles of the short rows. I love the way that I could knit mindlessly while watching a movie, yet stay interested enough to knit at other times as well. I love that the two edges are grafted together at the end instead of seaming, making this a perfectly seamless. There's something to be said for smartly written, carefully crafted patterns.
Zeebee hat
I modified the intent of the pattern by adding an extra 4-1/2 inches in length to make a thick, warm folded up edge.
Cabled scarf
This pattern is a cabled scarf that I found somewhere. I really can't remember where, at the moment and I don't have the pattern handy....too tired to look, but I'll edit later to add the name.

Yarn: Merino Bulky
Needles: size 13 for scarf, size 9 for hat. Options Harmony from Knitpicks.
Pattern(s): unknown cabled scarf, Zeebee hat
Cast-on to cast-off: about a week, total (hurrah for bulky yarn!)
Notes: While I wouldn't go for these colors personally, and am usually more about the thinner, more delicate knits, this is supposed to be all about my sister. So I'm trying. I really hope that she actually likes them.

I finished knitting the Button Me Up sweater, but am still looking for buttons. (Haven't looked to hard yet -- I've been too busy, but I will begin to look in earnest soon.)

On my needles right now are a pair of socks for my mom. I started them on Friday, and I'm past the heel. I'm knitting them two-at-a-time, magic-loop, with some Spunky Eclectic Super Nova Sport, so it's a little faster than ordinary sock knitting. Perfect for this time of year!

Some new books I got this week that I will be reviewing in upcoming podcast episodes:
New books

I've also decided to add a new Christmas tradition in my little family: Christmas books. What better way to start, than with some by Jan Brett?
Christmas books
I love Christmas.

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