Monday, December 17, 2007

The last of the Christmas gifts

Over the weekend, I finished a hat for my sister Grace (she's coming here for Christmas, so I don't have to have anything done for her until the 25th). I already have a scarf to match actually belongs to me, but she wants it, so...another instant Christmas gift. What can I say? Longtime readers might know which scarf I'm talking about already, just by looking at the colorway of that hat -- Noro Kureyon 170. Any guesses?
Current works in progress
On the left, you can see the pair of Computer Generated Handknit Gloves (gotta love those patterns! Plug in your gauge, size, and you've got a personalized pattern, just like that!) Once I'm done with those, all of my Christmas knitting is complete.

It's been months since I spun last. When I was home, I didn't bring my wheel with me, and then once I got back to Germany, I began my Christmas knitting, so there was no time. I still have to finish up the gloves for Grace, but I know that I can get that done in time, so yesterday I indulged in a little spinning:
Goblin Eyes handspun singles
Goblin Eyes, Romney wool, Spunky Club October fiber. I spun this as a bulky/worsted singles; 8 oz, approx 280 yards.

It felt so good to be back at the wheel again! Once I'm done with these gloves, I'm really going to start spinning again...although I still need to knit mittens for all three children, hats for the boys, do the finishing on a hat for Daisy...~sigh~ I'll squeeze it in somehow.

Next post, I'm going to give you a fantastic Asian Noodle Soup recipe. I made it for dinner two nights ago, and already I'm thinking about making it again!

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