Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sick but home (which is better, I think, than "homesick")

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lapse in posting. Three weeks ago my husband left for some work-related stuff, and since he'll be gone for a bit, I decided to fly home. It's pretty lonely over there without him, and I was tired of crying myself to sleep at night.

I caught a flight on Sunday with the children, and, while I still haven't recovered from the massive effort, I'm just glad to be back home. There's nothing like having my Mom to take care of me. My friend Jillian helped me fly back, and for that I cannot thank her enough. Her parents live a few hours from mine, so it worked out.

I'm sick with a fever and a headcold that has also partially stolen my voice temporarily, but I'm sure that I'll be on the mend soon enough. I've been working on the Sockapalooza socks, but in the lifting of luggage and wrangling of children, I injured one of the tendons in my left arm, and have to go REALLY slow right now, knit-wise. Unfortunately I'm not going to have the second sock completed by Thursday, but I've let my pal know about it, and hopefully she'll be okay with that.

No pics today -- I'm just feeling too ill do do much else than type, but I hope to be back blogging soon. For now, if you're a praying person just say a little prayer for me that I'll be well again soon and feeling strong. I want to enjoy my visit here!

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