Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Traveling stitches

We spent last week in PA with my inlaws, but I've been feeling more ill and tired each day from this baby. It's amazing that someone so tiny could make such a huge energy difference, but it's true. It's also kind of frusterating when pretty much the only things that sounds good to eat are pineapple and peaches. Not very filling. It's always hard to be away from home when sick, because even though I have more help with the kids, I don't have my familiar foods and such. I know that I could have written up a little shopping list or something, but I never thought of it (forgetfulness = another thing this baby gives me lots of). Oi. Anyway, now we're at my parent's house in NY, so I'm with familiar food again, and am feeling a bit better. Yesterday I actually ate several slices of my brother's homemade pizza and almost felt full. Shocking!

Anyway, this is not a baby blog, so I'll tell you a bit about what I've been knitting. On the 15-hour car trip, I finished Orangina. Finally! Unfortunately, with my growing potbelly, I look more like a chubby teenage girl trying to look "cool" than anything, so I can't wear it right now. I'll have to get a picture of one of my skinny sisters wearing it though so that I can present it as a proper Finished Object.

Also, I finished my mom's socks, and she loves them! She especially loves the fact that Sarah dyed the yarn and then I knit them for her. (Sarah, you'll have to see them in person on Saturday!)

Last night I finished a Baby Suprise Sweater (by Elizabeth Zimmerman) in a pink fingering/sportweight two ply Merino that I spun up a while ago. It's the first successful project that I've completed out of my own handspun, and I'm very pleased with myself. The sweater is soft and squishy, and the mitered angles of the sweater work perfectly with the multi-colorway.

Since I've been so sick and tired, you'll have to forgive the current lack of pictures. I will post them as soon as I get a chance. I figured that I'd better post somehting though so that you'd all know I was still alive and clicking. =)

Next week we'll be in Germany!

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