Monday, October 03, 2005


Mrs. Flashbang herself is currently indisposed. Now the dictionary gives a perfectly adequate definition of indisposed, but I rather define it at my own discretion. You can too. Therefore Mrs. Flashbang (who is indisposed) could be sick... in the potty... on vacation... just very busy... or not inclined to contact the known world. Regardless I am here to provide you with a not-so-fantastic knitting project that hopefully will one day be a)completed and b)fantastic.


So of course, in true knitblog style: I am using Noro Silk Garden (the colorful stuff), greenish Debbie Bliss something with angora, and reddish mohair blend from I can't remember where. The pattern is feather and fan, even though I tweaked it a little, as usual. As you can see the mohair is a bit pushy and the silk garden a bit tight but, oh well, my mum will love it either way. -S.D.
ps. I'm still too scared to cut the yarns... once I cut I can't start over...

1 comment:

Amy said...

\I'm the same way about cutting the yarn!

Your scarf is very pretty. I haven't tried the feather and fan yet, but I like how you are doing it with different textures and colors.


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