Wednesday, October 26, 2005

All spun up

Well, it's official. I have caught the spinning bug. When I first discovered people were spinning their own yarn, my first thought was "that's the most crazy arse idea yet! I hardly have time to knit with yarn that's already spun!" Now please don't misunderstand me: I am most definitely a Dyed In The Wool DIYer (pun intended). But with so many gorgeous options out there, is there really a need for me to spin my own? Over the past few months though, spying on everyone else's spinning in Blogland, I've slowly been seduced...I must spin! Especially when I see wool that looks like this.

But no, I can't just go slow and get a hand spindle. I must feel the hypnotic rythem of the treadle! I long for the soft fibers being drawn through my fingers! So now I'm on the market for a wheel. Yes, I know they're expensive. Yes, I know that I'm tossing out a huge chunk of cash out on something I've never tried. Yes, yes, and more yes. Of course, I don't have enough money saved up yet because of my yarn habit, which is currently on hold for this new Need. Let's see how well I do on a serious yarn diet. A yarn fast, actually. Hmm, we'll see what happens.

In other news, this is how far I've gotten on my multi-directional scarf:
Image hosted by
That's a self-portrait, with the camera cleverly cropped out of the picture (actually, it's not so clever -- it's just photoshop). =)

This scarf is being worked up in Noro Silk Garden. It's moving along slowly because first off, I started out with only two skeins. Clearly not enough, so I had to buy another...when I finally got around to it, the yarn shop (back in NY) thankfully still had the same color/dye lot. Now the problem is that I have other projects winking attractively at me, so it's hard to stay faithful to this one. Whenever I do work on it again, I am once again completely taken in by the yarn's beauty. If you have never used Noro Silk Garden or Kureyon, you must. I need to get some nuetral colored Kureyon to make a pair of fingerless gloves/arm-warmers for my sister for Christmas (Do you realize that's only about 60 days away?!) Ah! All these plans, so little time.


Lyndsey said...

60 days? *shriek* I have got to narrow down what I'm making for people!

Aren't Noro yarns fabulous? Kureyon was my first foray into nice yarns, and I'm afraid it's hard to knit with anything else. The colorways are just so gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Hey, that scarf looks great! I love the fallish colors of it! The Silk Garden was very nice to work with, but my last project with Kureyon was awful, two out of three skeins had knots that left huge parts of the color repeats out. Grrr.

Amy said...

Your scarf looks really great! I recently finished a scarf made out of the Noro Cash Iroha. It was so nice to work with (though it did have knots in it).


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