Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Trip: NY

This Thursday, I will be 12 weeks post-op.  I am doing well, and the children have been helping a lot -- much more than expected, actually.  The underlying muscles that were pulled back together are still sore, but I'm no longer on any pain medication, and feeling much more like myself.  I will eventually blog about the whole ordeal, but for now: photos from our summer road trip!

Each summer we get about 2-1/2 weeks to drive back East and visit family.  It's a two-day ordeal to get there (12 hours of actual driving time each day, not counting bathroom breaks, gas, food), and very stressful, but each year the children are a little better at traveling -- thank goodness!

the many faces of our road trip...

the many faces of our road trip...

the many faces of our road trip...

the many faces of our road trip...

On this trip, we started out by driving to my parents' house in upstate NY, and helped prepare food for my brother Jonathan's wedding.

Cooking at my parents' house for Jonathan's wedding

My parents' raise Golden Retrievers as a side business, so there was a fresh batch of 2-week-old puppies.  So cute!

2 weeks old

3 weeks
My parents' puppies

I was there to help them eat their second "solid" food meal -- there was a lot of whimpering and walking through the dishes, but a few of them realized it was food.
my parents' Golden Retrievers

We had many small adventures together with my parents and siblings, but most of all, it was wonderful to spend time with the family that I almost never get to see.

Grace, Rachel and children



My nephew:
my parents' Golden Retrievers

Grace, Joy and I prepared a song for Jonathan's wedding....
Practice for Jonathan and Allison's wedding

OK, for serious, here's what we actually ended up with:

Next up: my brother Jonathan's wedding weekend!

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