Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Monday and Wednesday are my days off to do with as I wish each week, as they are the days that all four children are in school.  Today, I spent the morning grocery shopping, then the early afternoon in my studio, listening to an audio book (currently enjoying A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness), and preparing to create new slipcovers for the throw pillows in my living room.

Current throw pillows (to be replaced)
They've been well loved...and I'm ready for a new look (planning on salvaging the hand-embroidery in the new designs)

Favorite teacup with my favorite tea
My favorite teacup (with at shape that curves in at the top just before it curves back out, keeping my tea just perfectly warm) and my very favorite tea

Blue fabric in my studio
Blue fabric choices in the studio

Blue fabrics

blue themed throw pillows in progress

I am very much looking forward to taking you readers on a tour of each room in our new house, but for now, I'm in full-on nesting mode.  Jonah is eating a snack and watching Dora, so I'm off to steal a few more moments in the studio before the older children blow back in the door from school.


Abigail said...

My old favorite tea cup was that shape and I miss it. I hadn't thought about how it was the shape keeping the tea warm that made it so perfect.

I'm glad you're back by the way. :)

emily said...

I have missed your blog. Enjoy your new home. Your name is Faith, right ;) Ha,ha,jk

Carie said...

I'm glad you're saving the embroidery it's so pretty - I'm looking forward to seeing its new incarnation.


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