Friday, August 24, 2012

11 years

On July 28th, Greg and I marked the 11th anniversary of the day we said "I do".  To celebrate, we went away for the weekend to a little hotel in Austin while several of our wonderful friends hung out with our children.

I have been eating at least 70% "raw" for the past year, so Greg asked me to bring a raw dinner and breakfast for our first two meals together.  We ate out at food trucks and a little restaurant called Snack Bar on South Congress for our other meals, so it was a fun mix of home "cooked" and Awesome Austin Food for our weekend adventure.

Anniversary bouquet
When I picked Greg up from the airport, he met me with this fantastic bouquet of Cala Lilies, modeled after the one I carried in our wedding (and the one my Grandma Annette carried in hers)

Raw dinner (burgers)
Raw Sunflower-Seed BBQ Burgers with Macadamia "Cheese" Sauce and zucchini pickles on Raw Zucchini Flatbread

The grounds around our hotel
Wine out in the back of the hotel

Inside the hotel
Our gorgeous room

Inside the hotel
Supercool details

Inside the hotel
The owner hand-painted all of these murals all over the property and in the rooms

Inside the hotel
Getting ready to go out!

The grounds around our hotel
The railroad-tie steps down through the quirky grounds out behind the hotel

The grounds around our hotel
Hahahahaha....we are so not cool

The grounds around our hotel

Lounging at our hotel

The grounds around our hotel

vintage clothing shopping
Window shopping at the vintage shops on SoCo

The Mighty Cone food truck
Lunch at The Mighty Cone food truck

Our lunch at the Might Cone
Crispy Avocado-Chicken cones, chili-powdered fries, fried pickles (but of course!  After two raw meals in a row, we needed some balance, people!)

We had lots of fun, but mostly, it was just amazing to get to spend time with Greg. It is so hard to have to be apart for this long, but the upside of our Army lifestyle is that I can't ever take him for granted.  After 11 years of marriage (12-1/2 years together total), I am more in love with him than ever.  I appreciate his solid commitment to our family, his integrity, the way he grounds me, his unconditional love for me.  I love you Greg, and my thankfulness for you and "us" is ever growing.  I look forward to actually living with you again in December!!

For even more pics of our weekend, check out the Flickr set here!

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Nancy said...

That looks like a great place, but the bed looks like a single in the picture.....;)

How are you feeling with eating all the raw food?  Do you notice a difference?


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