Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Thinking of flowers....and a little bit of music

Lately I've been looking at a lot of fabric flower tutorials (delicate, t-shirt, felt, and my favorite -- burned), ...not sure why I haven't started on any yet, because they're just SO DARN CUTE!  And I have ever so many fabric scraps in my scrap basket... I think I'll set up a little kit for myself to keep by the couch, so when I crash there to unwind at the end of the day, I won't have to exert any brain power to do a little hand-work.

I've got another raw recipe for you tomorrow, but for now, here's some recent videos from our church band doing a few more covers...my favorite is the a capella one -- made me feel a little melancholy (in a good way) about my choir and ensamble days in middle and high school.  So much fun!  (I am obviously the one in the hot pink leggings and slouchy cream colored knit hat to the far left.)  :-)

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