Saturday, September 24, 2011

Springtime in Autumn

After two weeks of being away (Army related reasons), Greg is back home!  The children and I are so incredibly glad to have him back.  While he was away stitched away during stolen moments on "Spring Sampler" by Aimee Ray (available for free download at Lark Crafts here), and yesterday I finally finished it.

doodle embroidery

I'll probably stretch this over a canvas, but for now, I just have it out on my coffee table so that I can admire it through the day.  Yay for a finished project!!

Unrelated, but I'm newly in love with Google+.  It's like Facebook and Twitter had a baby that combines the best traits of both!  Check out my profile and "follow" me to see what I'm up to throughout the day (P.S. I'm a much better at "Google+" than I am at Twitter...)


Rebecca said...

Cute!  I just finished an undersea quilt using her embroidery motifs.  Now I want to make another one!

Livnletlrn said...

such sweet stitching!

a.susie said...

I LOVE this project! What I see is a pillow, set in a rocking chair in a private space. Any way you finish it though, it's lovely.

dana said...

Wow. That's impressive!


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