Tuesday, September 06, 2011

In the cool of the day

Today, in the sudden cool turn the weather has taken, we are....

Building fairy houses at the park:
Building fairy houses with Billy
70 degrees out, and we need long jeans on to stay warm!

Building fairy houses with Billy

Building fairy houses with Billy

Collecting things in back pockets:
Billy stashing beads in his back pocket

Eating our morning snack and embroidering on a picnic table:
Billy having a snack at the playground

Spinning some Seawool:
Spinning Seawool Fiber by Creatively Dyed Yarn
By Creatively Dyed Yarn, colorway: SRLE3

It's the 2nd day in a row that we've had a break at last from over 70 days of 3-digit heat, and it feels like a priceless gift!

1 comment:

Livnletlrn said...

Also a priceless gift: one-on-one time for a special little guy and his mommy. Enjoy!


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