Friday, September 24, 2010


Thank you so much for all of your supportive comments about the whole raw business.


My final detox meal: cold apple spinach avocado soup.  I wasn't a big fan of the flavor of SO MUCH GREEN, but it kept me satisfied through most of the evening.

It was incredibly scary to face down those 3 days at the start, mostly because I didn't know what to eat.  Once I got the cookbook, things were a whole lot better, and by the third day, I started to understand how a raw meal comes together -- what goes with what, and such.  It's interesting, because I'm pretty damn good at putting together a "regular" menu, stretching whatever the protein is over a large number of people (rice!  potatoes!  bread!), but when it came to eating raw, I was just pulling up complete blanks...and therefore, had a rather hungry time for a while there.  On the upside, I had 10 lbs of baby weight that I haven't been able to let go of, so I figured that, while feeling hungry is kind of miserable, at least I knew that I was probably loosing a few pounds.  And I did.

For those of you who are interested in trying it, just try eating raw for breakfast or lunch once or twice and see what you think.  I just happen to be the sort of person who would find every loophole and end up having a "snack" of something baked or cooked in between meals, and not allowing the raw food to really work.  Plus, I wanted this to be a detox, and a detox is painful by definition.  The hardest part was dealing with the cravings for cooked and baked things, which made me believe that I was a whole lot hungrier than I really was.

Today I broke my fast with a banana blueberry yogurt smoothie (very light on the yogurt, heavy on the fruit), and, while it tasted great, it made me feel a little ill.


I made Almond Milk last night before bed, so I had some with my coffee this morning, and...I think it's an acquired taste.  I'll try it again a few times, but I'll probably start using cows milk again.

I ate a raw lunch today, then baked a loaf of bread and had two big buttered slices in the late afternoon.  Immediately, I felt like taking a nap.  I had a tiny bowl of lentils and rice for dinner, and once again, I don't feel so hot.  Reintegration is a bitch.

Thank you also to all of you who left kind comments on my new hair.  I am so excited to be back to short hair -- when I fix it in the morning, I feel happy; with this haircut I no longer have to spend FOREVER trying to come up with some new updo, only to feel vaguely dissatisfied with the look.  When I look in the mirror with my new (old! normal!) hair, finally, I look like me.  It's a good thing to see.

At Knit Night last night, I finished up the Noro Kureyon socks that I've been working on for the past few...however many months.


64 stitches, size 1.5 superlong (40", I think) circulars (from KnitPicks), twisted 1x1 rib on the cuff, short-row heel.


I'm not a fan of the peach-to-grey on the left foot, but I decided, after much thought, that I'd much rather just wear them as they are and move on to other things.  No need to rip out perfectly good knitting just because of a few ugly stripes.  Even though that's all people will see when I wear my mary-janes...AGGHH!  No, these are done.  And done is done.


If you ever have trouble with holes in the corners of your heels, just make sure to pick up and twist as many extra stitches as you need to in that area (sometimes I'll even pick up a stitch from a "ladder" two or three rows down, then ladder it up, twisting all the way.  That ensures that it's REALLY all closed up.)  Then just knit two together in the corners until you have the correct number of stitches required for your pattern, and forge on.


 Also, my size 11 straights from KnitPicks came in the mail last week, and I finished up my One-Row-Handspun Scarf in about an hour.


It's short, and the perfect length for tucking into the front of a coat, or fastening with a shawl pin (sorry, the picture above is complete crap, but eating that bread just blew all of my initiative.).  Or maybe I'll realize that I have the perfect button in my stash, and sew that to one of the ends.  For now, I just love that this crazy handspun has been turned into something useful.

Suddenly, I'm feeling the urge to turn back to my wheel again...

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