Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Embroidered work of (child) art

Last week, I finished embroidering Sparky's embroidery design:


I blurred out most of it, but in the actual work, his handwriting is also preserved alongside his artwork in his name down the side.

I've been thinking about doing this ever since I saw the idea in Handmade Home (or was it Amanda's other book, Creative Family?  Can't remember now.  Both are totally inspiring.)  I am so glad that I finally just did it.  Sparky would check in daily on the progress of the work, and marveled at how fast it was going (only the child of a spinner/knitter would remark at how quickly a project goes when it *only* takes a week).

I asked for his creative input once or twice (what colors for the pattern on the snake?  Should your hat be the same color as the grass -- um, I mean bushes?  Yes, of COURSE I knew those were bushes!)  But for the most part I chose what I felt would be the obvious color choices from the plethora of Sparky Artwork I have all about the house, and he was pleased with it.

I loved stitching over each line his little hand had drawn, especially the points that he might consider imperfections.  A true representation of where he is as an artist right now, at 6-years-old.

In the next few days, this will be turned into a shopping bag for him.  At the moment, I'm working on the second Noro sock, and  I have the third Aimee Ray design in my hoop:

Happy Garden embroidery design by Aimee Ray

I have another idea pertaining to child artwork transformed into embroidery, but it's still just a whisper of a thought in my mind...more on that to come.

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