Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Happy birthday Max!

Dear Max,

Today, you turned 5 years old.


Brilliantly hilarious, darkly stubborn, passionate in your pursuit of justice: you never cease to astound me with the depth of your feeling for anything -- everything -- that happens in your little life.

I don't always understand you, and I certainly don't always know how to best guide you through your boyhood, but mostly, I'm just really, really glad to be your Mommy.

It has been a joy to teach you stitching this year.  I love to watch your quietness and concentration on your task.

You're becoming more creative and able to draw and craft more intricately than ever before.  I love showing you new things, and then setting you free to see where your little mind will take you in the process.

I am proud of the way you have started learning responsibility by taking care of Billy.  It fills me with joy to watch you delighting in his funny baby ways.

I am so glad that you're my son.

You are bright sunshine, you are fierce rainclouds, you are my Max.

And I love you like mad.  Happy birthday little guy.

Love you always and forever,

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