Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dresses, tablecloths, and more...

Wow, 97 of you voted in my silly little poll!  And a healthy 27% of you voted "I DON'T VOTE IN POLLS"  You make me proud.  :)

Since then I've cut fabric for 2 more Mendocino dresses (during which, Billy dumped an entire box of Honey Nut Cheerios into the middle of the living room and the rest of the children helped him dance it all over the ENTIRE HOUSE):


I had enough of the magenta embroidered linen to cut a second one for a Daisy sized smocked dress as well, which will be fun.

Speaking of matching dresses, this was actually my first Mendocino:


Daisy was so pleased with the coordinating dresses -- she wants to wear them every day.  Somehow though, this has not translated to actually taking any official shots of the dresses, so here are a few that my mother-in-law took while I just so happened to be wearing it this past weekend when they were visiting:


(The real question is -- what the heck is up with my feet in this shot?)


(The requisite Family Picture we take anytime we're together with Greg's family for a visit) 


I love the simplicity and cool easy wearing of bedsheet-come-dress.  I think I need about 7.  Or more.

I had promised that I'd be working more on "selfish" sewing, and I did, although it was very time consuming, so I didn't get very far.  There is this one shirt I have that my husband LOVES, and he has suggested on numerous occasions that I draft a pattern to replicate it, since it's The Perfect Shirt.  Last week I decided to finally jump in and try it, and after numerous sewing and ripping sessions, I got all of the pattern pieces the right size...only to discover that the fabric I was using (a plain cotton t-shirt) had less stretch than the original, so the shirt was now too small for me.  ~sigh~


(Yellow is the too-small version, the purple is my next attempt with a little more ease.)

The upside is that now I have a working pattern to refer to, and I've cut new pieces for my 2nd draft.  I've also made the cross-over bodice a little bit bigger so that it will fit me exactly, and not slip around while I'm wearing it, which will be nice.  I also need to pick up some stretchy knitted interfacing to put inside of the hems next time, as well as some clear elastic tape to re-enforce the shoulder seams.

Drafting this pattern was certainly above my skill level, but I'm glad that I dove in over my head anyway, because I've been learning a lot about fit and how a garment comes together from the ground up.  Once I get the pattern exactly right, I have ideas for lengthening the skirt to make it into a dress as well.  I'm all about the dresses this summer!

Last week before my in-laws got here, Sparky helped me sew the bias tape around a rectangle of oilcloth for a tablecloth to cover the beaten up wood of our kitchen table.


I know, it contains my dreaded nemesis The Color Orange.  But it's kind of amazing...I don't really mind much.  I kind of like it actually!  (The fabric was CRAZY on sale at JoAnn's, so I had a hard time passing it up.  And the green and burgundy go so well with the rest of the kitchen...)



I've got some Michael Miller laminated cotton for another tablecloth, but need to get some coordinating bias tape.

Tomorrow I'll show you my current embroidery and papercut projects, but for now, it's time for the baby's nap, and piano and sewing lessons for the others.

Have a wonderful, creative summer day!

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