Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sweater, hat and socks!

I'm so tired tonight that I can hardly think straight, so it's anyone's guess if I can actually be relied on to write properly. However, I'm starting to develop quite the backlog of things to show you all, so I'm just going to go for it and hope for the best.

Black Friday Cardi, finished!

For more details and pics, you can visit my Ravelry page.

Marina hat:

I'm not entirely sure this is a good look on me. Maybe it it was a lighter/brighter color...not really solid on it. However, it's warm and squishy and cozy, so at least it's useful. Still, it may end up finding it's way to my sisters, along with most of the other hats I've knit.

I knit this the Rasta length, but if the brim is folded up, it can also be worn as a slouchy beanie:

More details here.

Also, I try to always keep a pair of plain socks on my needles just to pick up and work on any time that I don't want to have to think, or for times when it's not so good to have my head down looking at my knitting the whole time. I cast on for these sometime in early January, and just finished them up last week:

They're for my mom, who keeps requesting that I knit her socks "longer". Well, this is longer. I hope she's happy. (Cold ankles are no fun, it seems.) :)

Ravelry details here.

I've been swatching for two new sweater projects today. The first is for the Tea Leaves Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre:

This yarn is very special -- Chris at Briar Rose Fibers custom dyed it for me as a gift just after I'd given birth to Billy. She's incredibly sweet, and besides her generosity in giving me the yarn, has managed to achieve The Perfect shade of green. I adore it, and have been waiting for just the right pattern to set it off to it's best advantage. I hope that I do it justice!

The second is with Dream In Color Classy, colorway "Vino".

I have gone through several plans with this yarn; it seems happiest knit up at 16 or 17 sts per 4 inches, so I've narrowed it down to two patterns: Drops Designs 104-36 Shawl-Collared Jacket, or Estelle by Linden Heflin. I CAN'T DECIDE.

I love shawl collars, but I've just knit a shawl collared cardigan. Also, this involves a bunch of seaming, which I don't mind, but I had to do quite a bit of it on Black Friday, so I'm sort of done with that at the moment. The flower-lace design around the yoke of Estelle is just incredible, but I already have a round-yoked burgundy-ish Shalom cardigan, and a Bulky Button Me Up pullover in mostly solid burgundy. So what should I do? Vote and give a girl a hand here! (And if you have a different suggestion, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.)

Which cardi should I knit next?
Shawl Collared Jacket
Estelle free polls

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