Friday, February 26, 2010

Givin' me hives...

Colorway "Soapstone" from Fabulous Yarn

...Because I must not be the only one powerless to resist charming advertising/labeling.

And yes, it really is just as cushy and squeezable as it looks. I'm so glad I splurged.

This has already grown up to be a thick, happy, warm hat. Sadly though, my face is currently covered in hives (unknown allergen?), so, as attractive as that is, I'll will put off modeling it for you. Fun stuff. Swollen eyes, YAY!!

Hey look! It's a half-done Green Tea Cardi!

Well maybe not HALF done, but pretty close.

So far I've only worked through one massive 500 yard skein. I'm not sure I'll have to break into the 3rd one at all. Maybe I'll knit a tiny look-alike one for Daisy? We'll see.

Right now, I'm loving the rippled bands on the yoke.

Such a happy little detail.

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