Friday, January 01, 2010

We Partied Like It Was 1999

Happy New Year, my dear friends and blog readers! I am excited about looking forward at this new year, together with all of you, my wonderful community. Let us view the world around us with fresh eyes, ideas, plans. For the next week, I have several End Of The Year or End Of The Decade posts planned, but today we have a very special guest blogger.

Introducing the love of my life, partner in crime, Greg.

(The following post written by my husband Greg.)

Playing at a park near La Sagrada Familia
Barcellona, Spain - June 2009

Ten years ago I was a senior in college and couldn't wait to get home for Christmas break. I already had a pretty bad case of senior-itis, although I really, really needed to pass Spanish, or chance not graduating on time. Maybe it was senior-itis; maybe I was a bit distracted. But it was nearly Christmas break and the only important thing to me at that time was getting home as soon as possible. It was going to be the most incredible holiday break I had ever experienced, and the decisions made would prove to change the course of my life from that day forward.
The date was the turn of the century. Y2K. Many were apprehensive about the impending end of the world as we knew it. And even the naysayers at least stocked-up on a few basic provisions, just in case. But my thoughts couldn't have been further from any of that. Ten years ago today I found my best friend, and together we ventured onto the most incredible adventure of our lives. Ten years ago I found my life's companion...the other side of Faith.

First Date
First Date - January 14th 2000

Our wedding anniversary may be July 28th 2001, and I can't think of a single person who would disagree that that day was unquestionably an awesome one. But the two of us have always had a very special place in our hearts for January 1st, 2000. This day officially marked the beginning of our friendship...our romance. And I can very truthfully say that our relationship has only grown stronger. I can't think of a single person I've ever met, with whom I'd rather spend the rest of my life. Reputedly there are people who say that relationships fade at the 10-year-mark, but I must vehemently disagree. I say that doesn't have to be true for everybody. Time has only strengthened our relationship and I'm often at a loss for words when trying to recount exactly how we did it, and how we continue to do it. We just sort of clicked in that certain way only couples can, and I absolutely wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. I love to provide for her and for our great little family. I love her passion for selflessly living out domesticity and home-making as an artform, not out of mere obligation or drudgery. I love the interests we share together, and even the ones we may not necessarily share, because life would be otherwise drab. I love to continue to pursue her like the first day we met and to fervently keep our relationship alive and exhilarating.
I love Faith and that's just that!

Happy Anniversary, Faith! You're everything I could have ever imagined in a friend and a wife. I love you!

Your Husband,

~ Greg

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