Saturday, January 23, 2010

Squarely Striped

A friend wanted a Turn A Square Hat; Greg kindly agreed to model for the FO shoot:

I knit it out of Lang Yarns Mustang -- a cotton/acrylic/wool blend (35%, 35%, 30%) in black, striped with baby-soft Gedifra English Tweed in gray.

I had to re-knit the crown once because it was about an inch too long, but other than that there were no snags in the project.

Gotta love a quick, simple knit that jumps off the needles almost as soon as you cast on!

More details (what little of them there are!) on my Ravelry page.

PS. An interesting note (at least to me) -- I bought the Mustang yarn at the little yarn shop down the street from me in Germany, and the only mention of it's existence online seems to be at wiseNeedle. I wonder if it was discontinued or something? Or maybe never offered in America at all? Sad, because it wasn't scratchy at all to my super wool-sensitive husband. I should have bought more of it when I lived there! Ah well, at least I've got CottonEase here. :)

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