Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun in the snow: Switzerland

The Mr. had 4 days off this past weekend, so we headed off to Switzerland to play in the snow. (To skip this post and go straight to the entire album, click here. The photos in this post are just a few selected from the many.)

Cast of characters:
Cast of Characters
Riding up in the cable car or "gondola" made my stomach lurch. I'm really not a huge fan of heights. Or speed. Or snow. Ah well, Swiss Alps, here we come.

At the top of this particular mountain is a daycare/childcare where you can leave your smallest members for 11 Franks an hour (about $8 USD). Daisy was cool with this arrangement.
Daisy eating, being amused by the boys across the table

Then we rented two sleds. The Mr. took Sparky on one, and Max and I got on the other.
Max and me
Some of the slopes were pretty steep, and the only breaks for the sled are the boots of the person sitting on it.

Mr and Sparky
At night, whenever I closed my eyes to sleep, all that I could see was the edge of the trail, and imagined Max and myself hurtling off of it.

The view was fantastic though.
Self-portrait on the mountainside

There were some snowmen built,
The boys who built the snowman

we watched parachuters land,
More people strapped to a parachute
and had a pretty great time. There was one unfortunate incident in which Max and I took a wrong turn and ended up having to sled down the entire mountain, but even from the distance of a few days don't really want to talk about it. It took three hours out of my day, about 3 years off my life, and I'd rather delete it from my memory.

In other news, I managed to finish the first Noro sock and am almost past the heel on the second one. Score for road-trip knitting! (Pictures of the socks next post.)

Will we go back? Now that I've got some sleep, I can say with certainty, "probably".

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