Thursday, January 31, 2008

And I call myself the freaking Knitting Cook

Although I enjoy kneading bread and doing it all by hand, I often use my bread machine for it's convenience and fail-safe promise of the perfect loaf of bread.

Two days ago, I found a way to get around the whole "perfect loaf" promise.
Very badly failed bread
I bake with the children all the time, and things generally turn out quite well. This would not be one of those moments. (My guess is that I didn't add enough liquid, but who can tell for sure?)

To redeem myself, I then baked up a batch of banana cake muffins, which turned out perfectly.
Perfectly golden Banana Muffins
Craggy, golden brown tops with a crisp layer of sugar (I sprinkle them with a generous spoonful just before they hit the oven). Inside, the muffin has a tender, buttery crumb, laced with chunks of pecan. I think next time I'm going to try toasting the pecans first to see what kind of a difference it makes.

Speaking of cooking...I've gotten a lot of emails and comments here on the blog about my podcast, and if a new episode should be in the near future. There are two problems, both equally important: first, is the time factor. I simply haven't had the time in the past few months to actually sit down and record. Secondly, my microphone died. Or actually, the mic recording interface died, and I have no idea what the trouble is. I'm pretty sure that I just need a new one, but I won't be able to get around to doing that until sometime next month. So the short answer is, I hope to have the next episode up by March. I feel bad for going so long without recording, but at the same time, it gives me more time to do other very important things, like learning German, exercising, and (of course) spinning and knitting.

On to fiber. Remember the Spunky Club Party Dress Superwash Corridale I was organizing a while back? Well after about 3 weeks or so of on-again off-again spinning, I finally finished up all 8 ounces.
Party Dress, all 8 oz of it
As you might remember, I tried plying the colors together, but was unhappy with the results. With such bright hues, it just seemed (in my eyes) to clash too much. Since Amy dyed it in thirds (one third in each color), it was simple to divide it up without much overlap. A tiny bit of all the colors ended up in each, but that just helped the three skeins coordinate.

I spun it all up as a DK weight 2-ply.
Party Dress as three skeins

I've got about 460 yards here.

Party Dress, balled and stacked

On Wednesday, I cast on for a 12 month size Five Fruits sweater for Daisy, and by last night had completed the yoke.
Yolk of the Party Dress sweater for Daisy

Daisy was helping me with the photoshoot.
Daisy checking out the knit in progress

"Mommy, why the heck are you still taking pictures? I'm trying to eat my bread here."
Daisy: sweater quality control

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