Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to school (!!!!!!)

Thank you everyone for the congratulations!!  Being married to my best friend is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  :-)

My house is quiet.  Not just peaceful, but full-on QUIET.  School started on Monday, and although we had a few tears at send-off, everyone has adjusted very quickly, and we're all enjoying our more structured days.

Fist Day of School

(Each of their "back to school" outfits are pretty much killing me -- what they're wearing is after I screened through several options.  And the socks....seriously?  OH MY.)

First Day of School

Also....well, after an entire summer, everyone's tolerance for each other had grown a bit...thin.  So had my patience.  It was hard to kiss them all goodbye that first day, but I think all 5 of us felt some measure of relief at the same time.  Sad, relieved, peaceful.  Hooray for school!!

four crazy kids

four crazy kids

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