Friday, February 11, 2011

Link-tastic Friday

Some of you suggested that I might have "other" reasons for cutting out caffeine (haha), so before this leads to any sort of speculation: I am 100% sure that I am not pregnant.  I am just cutting out the caffeine because it was starting to make me feel more tired and irritable than not, and didn't seem worth the addiction.  Now that it's been 4 days, my head feels much clearer, and the headaches have mostly subsided.  It feels good to not have my head in a funk anymore!

I've been working on my "Thinking" embroidery in the last few days, and have been enjoying my newly organized floss/notions box.


It's a converted fishing tackle box that was much less expensive than the boxes marketed as "craft organizers".


It snaps closed for easy travel, but most importantly, I can actually see everything that I have, which makes it much more fun to work on my stitching.


This week's links!

Newly in love with this Etsy shop:

Looking Fabulous:
  • Short Sexy Hold Out Medium Gel.  My very favorite hair gel -- it's not super hard like gels usually are, but isn't all wimpy and wilty like waxes or pomades.  It's great for shaping my hair just the way I want it.
  • TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Hair Spray. This is the most perfect hairspray I've ever found -- from extreme edgy styles to softer up-does, this is my favorite hairstyle finisher.

Geeky blog info:
  • I never knew how to share a PDF file until just now!  Thanks Blog Guidebook!  You make me look kind of smart. 

  • I plan on getting out my crochet hooks and making one of these Gumdrop Slouchy Hats for myself. 
  • I am so enamored with the design of this Free Amy Butler "Blossom Bag" pattern.
  • Stick Horses would be a well used item in this house.  If only I could be sure that they wouldn't be swung round wildly as swords...
  • Love the look of this comfy, gathered skirt by Anna Maria Horner (I would shir it with elastic thread though instead of the "channels).
  • Such a sweet, reusable pouch tutorial for class Valentine's gifts by Dana at Made!

Food (savory):

Food (sweet):

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Elizabeth K said...

Thinking Embroidery - is this your own design or a pattern. If a pattern - who is the designer? Just love it.
Great blog, BTW!


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