Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little mitten troubles

Well! Forty-six of you voted "no-belt" for my last "Boots Project" outfit, so no-belt it is!  I moved the shirring down a few inches, and I'm really enjoying the fit now.  Plus, it's a heck of a lot more comfortable with just the gentle shaping in the back than a tight restriction around my middle.  Sorry, no pictures, because I'm already in my lounge pants for the night, and I don't intend to get back into any sort of Outfit.  Speaking of which, here's my Boots Project outfit that I was wearing earlier today:


Currently on the needles:

I was working on matching mittens for my nephew...


And ran out just before the tips and thumbs.  And wasn't able to get to the yarn shop right away.  Grr.  Since I couldn't work on that, I started a hat for my dad (Christmas gift).


Good mindless knitting for catching up on Grey's Anatomy.  I need to start remembering to NOT eat while watching that show.  SERIOUSLY.

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