Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Birthday party!

These past two weeks have been something of a blur. I know that a lot has happened, it's just that I've felt like I've needed more sleep (probably has something to do with the mice that have moved into my ceiling -- the damn things are as loud as grown adults up there), and I've felt like I'm barely hanging onto things in some ways, so finding the extra energy to blog....well, it just hasn't been there, I guess. Also, at the moment the only form of communication I have with Greg is by handwritten letters (internet and phone are out of the question for the most part at the moment, even though he's now moved to Iraq where he was supposed be all set up with technology), so by the time I'm done living a day and then writing about it to him, I just can't find it in me to blog about it as well.

Anyway, enough with that. What have I been doing exactly?

Well, for one, I had a birthday on April 24th, and turned the ripe old age of 28. I never thought that 28 would feel so much like 20, but it really does. I wonder if I'll ever feel "my age"? (Holy crap, do I actually have THREE KIDS? Is that even possible?!)

The day after my birthday was my monthly spinning day that I host at my house, so I turned it into a little birthday party for Daisy and I:

Our friends were super generous:

The candy, Duets sock yarn and Tempted Merino/Silk roving are from Jillian.

From Rachel, as well as the two red/pink roving braids in the photo above (one of them is Merino/Bamboo!!), which are from her Etsy shop. (She specializes in semi-solid sock yarns and roving -- seriously go check her out!)

Crocheted by Hilary -- so adorable! (Click on her link for more details about the pattern.)

Dina brought flowers and a beautiful little wooden book, but both were in use at the time of the photo (well, the flowers were on my countertop, but you know what I mean).

Thank you ladies! We had a very fun time, even though it felt really strange to have a birthday party for myself after so many years (I think the last time I had one I was 16!)

A few days later, we went to a "Gartenschau" or Garden Show with Jillian, Rachel and her children, but since I got tons of great pictures, I'll have to save that for another post.

I finished the Hemlock Ring Blanket, and it's quietly waiting to be blocked:

Chris at Briar Rose Fibers sent me two massive hanks of her yarn (an entire sweaters worth in just two!!), because she "wanted to do something special for a military family". She dyed these in a semi-solid mix of purples and blues (more purple than the picture here shows), and I love love love it!

I have never had a sweater's worth of handpainted yarn, so it will be fun to discover what project goes best with this. (For those who are interested, this is her "Charity" yarn, which is a worsted weight Corriedale, and it looks like it'll be both soft and tough -- perfect!)

Thank you Chris!!

I'll leave you with two pictures of Daisy's newest favorite thing -- boxes!

She pushes them around, occasionally stopping to get in. Looks uncomfortable to me, but she loves it!

(She was pushing the buttons to her little yellow/purple "radio", and then dancing to the music.)

Oh, and about the socks that I knit for my mom for Mother's Day...I sent them without photographing. I know, I never do that. There was nothing super interesting/special about them anyway, except for the fact that they're for my mom and she'll love them to pieces (literally!), but I never do that! I photograph even the things that I will never blog about! My gosh, where's my head lately?!
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